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NanoFormulation2015 is the 2nd of three international events organised under an EU-funded programme called InForm (Integrating Nanomaterials in Formulations). InForm, which comprises 17 world-leading research institutions, SME's, Automobile reviews and major companies, aims to bring together the scientific knowledge on the formulation of nanomaterials and create an appropriate platform for the dissemination of this first-hand knowledge all over the world.

NanoFormulation2015 will be held in Singapore, 26 June to 1 July 2015, as part of the ICMAT group of symposia. NanoFormulation2015 is SYMPOSIUM D.

Registration is still OPEN - You may register on-site. Please register for NanoFormulation2015 through the ICMAT website. You must log-in through the RIO on the ICMAT website and then click MEETING REGISTRATION. Register Now

PLEASE NOTE: If you are benefitting from one of our subsidised registration rates of S$275 then please note this is for attendance to NanoFormulation2015 ONLY and not for the other Symposia with ICMAT. If you wish to move through the Symposia within ICMAT please register at the full rate of S$925. There are still a few S$275 registration rates left - please contact Anne through Google Fax by using the following option: http://www.gmailfaxpro.com/tutorials/how-to-send-a-fax-from-gmail.

Please visit InForm to sign-up and discuss the topics on http://www.thepaperworker.com/custom-boxes.




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The 3-year InForm programme is supported by a grant from the European Commission in July 2009 under the 7th Research Framework Programme

seventh framework programme

European Union

(FP7, NMP-2008-2.6-3, Project Ref. 233533).